Contruction Business Coaching

Construction Business Coaching

Working with a Business Coach is an investment. We’re investing in Enrok. We’re investing in Laura and Jordan.

What were the drivers for you wanting to work with a Business Coach?

To be honest, we’d never considered working with a Coach. We didn’t think we needed to. We always thought we’d find our own way in business. In truth, we were sat on the fence. We were growing and becoming busier and starting to question how we were going to cope with this busyness. Someone suggested we needed systems and processes. I think we actually said, ‘why do we need those?’ The same person recommended we go along to one of REACH’s free seminars to find out more. We thought we’ve got nothing to lose, so we went.

Everything Jas talked about completely resonated with us. We couldn’t believe what we were learning. Suddenly, implementing systems and processes made complete sense. We absolutely knew we needed coaching, so we met with Jas in a no-obligation meeting, and when he asked if we’d like to have one-to-one coaching with him, Jordan and I looked at each other and said ‘Yes’.

When you’re busy, it’s very easy to try and justify why you haven’t got the time to commit to something like this. That event was an instant game changer. It might sound like a cliché, but it’s true. Initially we were like rabbits in headlights – but it has been SO worth it.

Why did you choose REACH Business Coaching?

For lots of reasons. We made a connection with Jas and that’s so important. He’s real and relatable – a genuine family man. He completely understands the dynamics of a husband-and-wife team. We trusted him – no question. He’s open, honest and we have never once felt judged by him or, intimidated by him. He treats us as equals.

We started working with Jas two-months before COVID struck – and when most people are thinking about cutting back on expenditure, we knew we were never going to cut back on coaching with Jas. Working with him through this pandemic has transformed us and our business. If you’re seriously thinking about coaching – now is the time to do it.

What were some of your specific challenges and outcomes?

There were a few!

Everything we knew about the business was in our heads. We didn’t have systems or processes in place. It’s hard to believe how much more efficient and consistent we’ve become since introducing them. What we have now is something to benchmark against, and work towards. It’s made our life a lot easier.

Bringing new people into the business is also simpler. That’s because Jas’s recruitment process is phenomenal. It will blow your mind. You think you’ve got these things covered – then you meet Jas and realise you haven’t.

Another challenge was our client pipeline. When we started working with Jas, we had one client. A very good client – but only the one. We had several million pounds worth of business lined-up with them. Then, in one phone call, we lost a good chunk of it. Not because of something we’d done, but because of a business decision they made. Jas coached us on the importance of building a pipeline of clients and work – and with his guidance, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Something else we didn’t have was a marketing strategy. We do now. We have a robust strategy that works; and we’ve completely rebranded. We know more about our market than we’ve ever done – which means we have total clarity on where we add the most value to people who want us to build homes. Jas got us through this pandemic by holding us accountable. He’s built us up, reminding us along the way why we’re doing it. He’s been an incredible shoulder to lean on.

What is it about Jas you’re buying into?

He’s coached us, challenged us and guided us. He encouraged us to expand our business through an unprecedented year. We understand what drives us – and what our values are. The new systems and processes we’ve introduced have given us a stable structure to grow. We understand our numbers – our cash flow and forecasts. He’s taught us the importance of gratitude – he’s changed our mindset. The difference Jas has made to us and our business is quite simply staggering.

Working with a Business Coach is an investment. We’re investing in Enrok. We’re investing in Laura and Jordan. We’re investing in our clients. What benefits us, benefits them and that can only be a good thing. Interestingly though, when we say to people we’re working with a Coach, they question why we’re doing it. It’s as if they see Coaching as a weakness – or that we’ve got something wrong and someone has to fix it for us. But it’s the complete opposite. We recognised we needed help to grow, to become even better at what we do; and more successful. We’re proud of the decision we made.