Car Dealership Business Coaching

Car Dealership Business Coaching

When you compare January 2020 to January 2021, in just one month, we increased our profit by £40,000 – without Jas, we wouldn’t have achieved that.

What were the drivers for you wanting to work with a Business Coach?

I left school at 16 and started working in the family business. When I eventually took it over, I realised I’d got to the age of 40, and hadn’t made any changes to it – none at all. The business hadn’t moved. At one time we had a game plan – but the day I started working with Jas, we had no plan in place. That’s why I needed a Coach.

Why did you choose REACH Business Coaching?

My brother-in-law had been working with Jas for 18-months and through his coaching, he was literally transforming his business. I knew I needed to take a look, so I went along to one of REACH’s seminars. I liked what I heard. When I met with Jas, I shook his hand and went with it. That was two-years ago, and I’ve never once looked back.

I liked Jas. He knew how to run a business and make them good. I had a young family and so did Jas and Angela, so they understood the pressure I was under. Angela is great to work with as well. She’s very professional and friendly and has a lovely way about her – all the follow up support and communication is spot on. They do what they say they’re going to do.

What were some of your specific challenges and outcomes?

We didn’t have any systems or processes in place. The business was me – everything was in my head. On top of that, I was working seven days a week doing early mornings and late nights. I was working for the business. It was all I’d known since I was 16. Instead of working on the business, I was working in it. I realise the difference now.

So what’s changed? I now run my business by appointment only and I’m pretty much finished with customers by 4pm. I no longer work Saturdays or Sundays. By working with Jas, I’ve changed the way I work. He’s shown me how to achieve a higher profit margin out of selling vehicles. He’s changed my beliefs in how a business should be run.

I’m now a total believer in ‘processes and systems’. Those two words add huge value to your business. In the future, I’m looking to take on another business. I tried it once before, but the venture failed because I didn’t have these things in place. I’m now confident about setting up another company and feel sure it’ll be a success this time around.

Something else I did, was cut back on staff. It was a business decision, and it was the right thing to do – but you can’t always see it at the time. We’re a smaller team, but we’re solid, happy and motivated.

I have two young sons and a daughter who mean the world to me. One day, I’d like to think they’ll join me in the business, or perhaps they’ll want to start their own business. Either way, I’ll want them to be coached. That’s because they will need someone to lean on and talk to. So I hope Jas is still coaching! I don’t want them to struggle like I did.

How have you adapted during COVID as a business and individual?

It’s true to say, we wouldn’t have got through this pandemic without Jas. In the first few weeks when we went into lockdown, I lost my motivation, but Jas was there to pick me up. Without him, I think I would have quit. Now though, the business is better than ever. We’re in a much stronger position. In fact, when you compare the month of January in 2020 to the same month in 2021, we increased our profit by £40,000.

Working with Jas is the best investment I have ever made in business.

He’s very good at working on your mindset. In three months, Jas had completely changed mine. The knock-on effect meant it impacted my business in a positive way, which in turn impacted the mindset of my staff – it’s important for me to be able to make them feel motivated. But it did this too. I took up exercising. I lost weight. I started reading books – seriously, I’d never read a book in my life. That’s the impact he has on you. I’m now looking forward to the future.

He’s not only transformed my business, but my home life. I’m not stressed anymore, and I can sleep at night. The bank is also under control. It means I get to spend more quality time with my wife and kids.

What is it about Jas you’re buying into?

How simple he makes everything. I didn’t finish my education at school. I didn’t think I had an academic background. But Jas has made the whole process simple and straightforward. He doesn’t complicate things. With Jas, you get insight and honesty. It’s one step at a time in the right direction.